One Mara Research Hub

Research supporting policy, practice and communities

Our Mission

The mission of the One Mara Research Hub is to strengthen and enhance conservation efforts across the Greater Mara Ecosystem (GME) by creating opportunities, mechanisms, and systems for coordination and collaboration of researchers, scientists, and relevant stakeholders; to further or leverage this collaboration to influence policymakers at the conservancy, local government and national government levels; and to influence donors on funding decisions.

Our Objectives

  • To facilitate multi-lateral information exchange and foster positive collaborations with respect to research and conservation in the Greater Mara Ecosystem
  • To promote and strengthen evidence-based decision making
  • To promote collaboration and connect groups, policy & research and conservation activities
  • To provide stakeholders with one voice/direction with respect to research outputs

Collective Impact Model

The guiding principle of the new Hub will be based on the ‘collective impact’ model. The five conditions of this model outlined below were first detailed by Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2011.

Common Agenda

Shared Measurement



Backbone Support

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